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SBH CONSTRUCTION GROUP IS a Local LONDON-BASED COMPANY WHO SPECIALISE in New build construction and construction management. we offer a range of construction services for domestic and commercial building projects in London and across England.

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Our design and planning procedures are very short-termed yet magnificently accomplished with unique design patterns and sketches. These procedures make sure that even the smallest detail in the design and planning of the building or a house is taken great care of.

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Regardless of how much new or old the house is, Renovation is a comparatively easy task to do for experts. However, still, it can take as much time as almost building a new home because of the detail of the original work needed in this procedure.

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We’ve been doing roof repairs and installations for a long time… During all those years of professional practice, we’ve repaired and installed thousands of residential, commercial, and industrial roofs, gutters, and skylights! Roofs can often cause leakage problems.

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Corrugated roofing material is commonly used to cover areas, where you need a translucent roof, which can allow the passage of light and at the same time prevent heat. Some of this fiberglass roofing have inbuilt filters to prevent ultraviolet rays from passing through.

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A loft conversion is an intelligent and smart step to take towards space utilization. Instead of empty attic space, through loft conversion you can have can an extra room available in your home that can be later used as anything you want.

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Extension in your current property rather than buying a bigger house is more cost effective and affordable solution. As we all know, due to the increase in population, real estate business has reached its peak. Buying a house in this modern age has become a little difficulty.

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